Face yoga workshop

23,00 $

Shine, look younger and fascinate yourself and the world with Face Yoga. I invite you to dive into the fun Face Yoga workshop that refreshes the body, mind and soul.


“In Face Yoga workshop we will touch all three layers of our existence: physical body, mind and soul, or our inner self. Did you know that when you smile you relax almost all your facial muscles, and when you don’t – you are tensing them..? From this you may notice that some muscles in the face are relaxed while others are tensed, so in some places wrinkles appear on the face, such as wrinkles of anger or depression on the forehead, etc.. Well, so do you want to exercise those muscles with FACE YOGA and reduce or even eliminate those wrinkles..? Let us take care not only of our body, but also of our well-being by choosing alternatives to botox procedures as it is neurotoxins and let’s preserve the natural forms of our face.
About the Workshop: Facial yoga is an easy-to-learn muscle-relaxing and strengthening exercises for the whole face and neck, asanas / exercises for the body, because it is responsible for our muscles, which are weakened over the years, so it is necessary to strengthen and relax them. To do this, we will perform facial acupressure and facial yoga exercises and some yoga asanas/postures as well. Relaxing and soothing breathing techniques – pranayama – are also especially important. Benefits of facial yoga:
• Smooth skin, noticeable reduction or disappearance of wrinkles, rising cheeks and corners of the lips.
• Doing facial yoga regularly makes the skin more beautiful, healthier and smoother, as well as the neck. The blood flow in the face is activated, and more oxygen and nutrients are received by the cells of the face and brain.
• Clarity of mind, less headaches, fewer facial lines …
• Learn how the most effectively apply face creams and serums, oils;
• Tones and tightens facial skin, maintaining relaxation in it.
• The most beautiful features of your face will reveal itself.
• Can help remove double chin.
• Smoother neck.
• Plumper lips and / or smaller lips — whatever you need most.
• Radiant facial skin.
• Self-control of your face and body movements.
• Slows down the aging process.
• Brighter, wider eyes.
• Eliminates facial swelling.
• Reduces dark circles under the eyes as well as eye bags.
• Straighter nose.
• Less tensed neck and back pain.
• Increases self-confidence and self-esteem.
• Full relaxation, relieves tension.
All this and more with the constant practice of face yoga
The Three Biggest Pros of Face Yoga class: 1. You will learn to perform the exercises independently, so you will be able to practice for yourself whenever you want. 2. Most facial yoga exercises are convenient to perform anywhere and anytime, such as driving a car, at home on the couch, or sitting at a computer at work or when you have your free minutes. 3. It’s cheaper than expensive anti-wrinkle cosmetics or facial surgery services. And more naturally. Facial yoga is especially suitable for girls / women who are in a hurry and can’t find time for themselves all the time, who want deeply inside to take care more of themselves, but still didn’t determine to start. This is an interactive workshop, so the teacher, Ieva could correct you if you are doing something wrong. Often we are not aware that doing something wrong, if we don’t see ourselves in the mirror, so it’s safer to learn it under the guidance and continue at home safely.”