Terms and conditions

Before using the site, please read the terms of this user agreement.

If you do not agree with the terms of this user agreement, then do not make purchases on the site!

Terms and Definitions

User – site visitor;

Account – a combination of login and password for the account where the purchased course is guaranteed to be located;

Instant delivery – after the purchase, the goods will be immediately delivered to you by e-mail, which is specified during the purchase;

Quality assurance – a guarantee of obtaining a working course;

General position

1. Each user who enters the site automatically agrees with the data of this user agreement;

2. Buying on the site is a meaningful, independent and independent choice of the buyer;

3. If you did not specify your e-mail when placing an order and after payment did not click the “Return to the store” button, then you will not be able to receive your purchase and a refund will not be possible.

The administration has the right to change at any time the above rules at its discretion. At the same time, the changes made will immediately take effect and will apply to both future and existing purchases.

Refund process

If the product does not meet the seller’s offer, the funds are returned to the account from which the payment was made (before the funds are returned, each case will be considered in a three-party project – the marketplace, the seller of the product, the buyer of the product).


After successful payment, the course will be sent to your email within 48 hours.