Aero Yoga

42,00 $

Aerial yoga or anti-gravity is a direction of yoga, the main difference of which is getting off the ground with the help of a special hammock. That is, all movements and postures are performed in the air, in a state of weightlessness. Aerial yoga can combine several areas: stretching, Pilates, acrobatics, body ballet and much more.

“Remember how in childhood, almost every one of us loved swings? It was so fun to spend time in zero gravity. It was possible to swing for hours, sometimes upside down, and not to think that it was time to do homework or tidy up the room. A hammock in aerial yoga is able to give that feeling of childish euphoria, which has been almost lost over the years. We all need that dose of euphoria sometimes to take our minds off the constant anxiety and stress.

You use the hammock to support, either fully or partially, your weight whilst working on traditional Yoga postures. This can enable you to achieve advanced Yoga postures that can take years to develop without the hammock.

With the weight of the body supported you can learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort, producing a peaceful state of mind & a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body

Aerial Yoga will improve core strength, upper body strength, balance and flexibility – all while having fun. It is almost impossible to do an Aerial Yoga class without laughing or smiling at some point – it isn’t only children that need to play!”