Yin yoga

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We invite everyone who wants to try different Yoga – join Yin Yoga.

“Yin yoga focuses on connective tissues such as ligaments, bones, and even body joints, which are not usually used very much in the practice of active-style (Yang) asanas (yoga poses). It is unique yoga experience focused on a deeper experience, balancing Yang yoga practices, not on outer tissues – muscles as the YANG yoga mainly focuses, and on feeding deeper connective tissues, it is not only physical but also mental, emotional and energetic benefits, and for some spiritual as well . Yin and Yang yoga practices affect body tissues differently, so only by trying Yin Yoga will you understand what this yoga is all about. After trying at least once, you will realise that you were only practising one half of yoga at a time. It’s like two sides of a coin, Yin & Yang. Yin Yoga is a journey into yourself, it is a deep rest from the active 21st century’s pace of life. It’s time for yourself, it’s going deep within yourself and a discovery of silence, peace within yourself.

YIN yoga benefits:

increasing flexibility
strengthening of immunity and digestion
maintenance of connective tissue elasticity
production of collagen and elastin proteins
bone strengthening
natural spinal reconstruction
restoration and balancing of the natural flow of vital energy (prana)
Reduces stress, endless restless thoughts
stimulates and awakens Kundalini energy
hormonal balance
deep relaxation
improves heart and lung function
reduces inflammation
nervous system balance
release of emotional and bodily tensions
Restoring contact with your body
reduces osteoporosis
helps to adapt yin sensitivity / sensuality – it helps to get much more out of yoga practice
You get an understanding and acceptance of what helps you gain satisfaction
elimination or reduction of joint pain
This style of yoga is different for its longer holding of yoga asanas, so for some this can be a real challenge
Yin yoga – was born in China and first shown in America, is associated with the flow of Qi prana / energy in the body, meridians (nadis) to improve the organ health, immunity and emotional state. The aim of this yoga is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility – making it ideal for those who want to become more flexible, younger or just protect themselves against old age, injuries and joint diseases.
Yin yoga is a complementary practice that balances the more active yoga or exercises.
Let’s grab a hand of our loved ones and practice together!”