Baby Yoga Course

90,00 $

In this course, you will learn how to help your child cope with tension and stress.


Yoga for children aged 7-10 is the perfect destination for a child who experiences anxiety and stress while studying. During classes, a children’s yoga instructor helps to master proper breathing techniques, shows asanas that relieve tension and correct posture. While performing asanas, the child listens to his body, develops concentration.

The course of children’s yoga is suitable not only for instructors, but also for teachers, child psychologists, medical workers – for everyone who strives for continuous improvement of professional skills.

In this direction, you will learn about the distinctive features of children’s yoga. You will gain skills to help you competently build classes and compose exciting scenarios. Learn how to playfully explain to children the basics of yoga, asanas, breathing practices and meditation.

Yoga classes with school-age children are very popular, because every parent wants the best for their child. Do not miss the opportunity to become a sought-after yoga instructor and gain valuable skills in this direction.​

Curriculum of the course 260 academic hours:

Studying the basics of human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.
Study of training programs and nutrition programs.
Practical part: exercise technique and individual differences in exercise biomechanics.
Control testing and exam.
Course duration — 1.5 months